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Our work experience

Leverage emerging technologies to cut costs, transform customer experiences, and launch the next phase of growth for your business.

Big Data & Analytics

Acquire relevant data and generate real-time, actionable, intelligent business insights.

Internet of Things

Use sensors or devices to acquire physical world data and digitize your business, home, or city.

Artificial Intelligence

Reduce overhead costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience.


Automate business workflows and payments without having to rely on trusted intermediaries.

Powering the digital future of global companies to do good for humankind

We work with global enterprises to develop on-premise, cloud, or blockchain-ready data platforms to unleash software developer productivity, reduce operational cost, advance Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and create an environment for innovation to scale.

Understanding smart home devices user behavior

Daikin is using the data from their smart home products to better understand their customers and enable exceptional customer experiences.

Building the future for sustainable gold mining

Mwamba is using blockchain technology to ensure environmental and economic sustainability for its network of artisanal and small-scale local miners.

Digital supply chain and retail

RFID and Card Technology is building digital supply chain and retail store visibility and automation solutions to give businesses and customers exceptional experiences.

Making cross-border digital commerce more efficient

A global e-commerce marketplace is using blockchain to eliminate third party payment processors, saving $30 million per year in fees and passing savings to customers.

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