Bringing IoT happiness
to the sharing economy

IoTBlock is the first scalable IoT governance protocol for the sharing economy and beyond.
Open Authentication

Identify and authenticate IoT devices to prove they are not cloned, counterfeit, or stolen.

Open Auditability

Verify the real-time health, safety, integrity, and/or certification status of IoT devices and things.

Open IoT Platform

Build apps on any device without needing expertise in hardware, software, wireless, or blockchain.

Our Vision

Originating as an IoT electronics manufacturer since 2004, IoTBlock was founded with a vision to make IoT data exchange open, free, and secure without having to trust the devices and manufacturers themselves.

What we are building

The IoTBlock Platform

We empower business owners, especially those participating in the sharing economy, by enabling the development of affordable and user-friendly solutions to monitor and manage assets, audit the health and integrity of IoT devices and things, search and identify assets and their users, expedite insurance claims and dispute resolution, and much more.

Use Cases

We have identified 15 potential applications that can be built on the IoTBlock Platform:
IoT device authentication

Check the physical IoT device to make sure it is not counterfeit, cloned, or stolen.

Asset management and maintenance

We are uneasy about sharing or using items when we cannot verify their condition. Lack of verification also creates opportunity for insurance fraud and erroneous claims.

Insurance and dispute resolution

IoT sensors record evidence about the integrity of an asset as it transacts between different buyers and sellers, which then can be used in claims or to resolve disputes.

IoT device health and safety verification

Verify the real-time health, safety, integrity, and/or certification status of IoT devices catalogued on the blockchain.

Search and reverse search engine

Index, tag and search data. Businesses can index, tag and search for consumers based on their customers' IoT usage data.

Contextual ads and marketing

IoT data related to consumers’ identity, form of interaction, motion, time of day, or weather can be used to trigger ads on smart devices or at smart retail stores.

AI and business intelligence

IoT help businesses obtain insights about the health and marketability of their products and how consumers interact with their products.

IoT data exchange

P2P marketplace for IoT device and user data.

IoT data ownership rights management and licensing

Custodians own the data from their IoT devices and get rewarded when value is generated by this data.

Secure software updates

The ability to publish software updates as a URL on the blockchain, along with a cryptographic hash of the update which can be validated by blockchain-connected IoT devices.

Secure software backups

The ability to restore software backups to devices, along with a cryptographic hash of the backup which can be validated by blockchain-connected IoT devices.

Machine payments and micropayments

Automated payments based on sensor data (i.e. after service completion or product delivery) and micropayments between devices.

Supply chain traceability and automation

Supply chain chain of custody, PO billing and payment automation, brand protection, anti-counterfeit prevention.

Supply chain monitoring

Monitor temperature of parcels as it travels thru the supply chain (i.e. drugs, produce, etc.)

Analytical model tracking

Record metadata and results about logic executed at the edge of an IoT network for the purposes of regulatory compliance, and create an immutable history of why certain decisions were made during IoT processing.

Ongoing Case Study

Smart homes for short-term rentals

Partner: A global, short-term rental company with thousands of properties under management

We are working with a group of tech-savvy, short-term rental experts to develop unique customer experiences via smart devices provisioned on the IoTBlock Network and applications developed on the IoTBlock Platform. Through this case study we hope to prove that IoTBlock can help short-term rental owners increase margins, save time and money by automating work flow, and most importantly, ensuring they have happy and returning customers.

Ongoing Case Study

Smart cars for ride sharing and rental car fleets

Partner: A regional rental car fleet company

We are working with a regional rental car fleet company that has transacted tens of thousands of car rentals across multiple sharing platforms to develop a cost-effective solution for remote car fleet management. Through this case study we hope to demonstrate that IoTBlock can help gig workers for ride sharing platforms and rental car fleet owners make their businesses more profitable and scalable.

Ongoing Case Study

Smart retail stores

Partner: A global IoT solutions company

We have been invited to partner with a global IoT solutions company to design use cases for a project involving hundreds of worker and cashier-less smart retail stores in Asia. We are looking into how a smart IoT device enabled store can improve customer experiences and increase business performance. In addition, we are looking for intersections between smart retail stores and the gig and sharing economy as many consumers are already accustomed to the customer experience of the latter through the on-demand ordering of meals and car rides.

How are we different?

An open platform for IoT-empowered applications

We are a chain agnostic protocol that empower developers to leverage IoT, AI, and Mobile and Blockchain technologies to build applications and solutions for the sharing economy. Here's how our technology compares with some of today's most popular public blockchains:

Fast Processing, High Throughput
Low Tx Costs and Infinitely Scalable
Private Data Access
Secure IoT Authentication
Protocol Incentives
Smart Contracts
Denial of Service Attack Resistant
Chain & Architecture Agnostic
No Special Hardware Required n/a n/a
Decentralized Governance

Technical Documents

Learn more about the technology we are developing using the resources below:

Platform Features

The first scalable IoT governance protocol built on Ethereum Plasma

Meet The Team

Denis Lam


  • Engineering @ UC Berkeley
  • Scaled a previous IoT company to $20M/year
  • Blockchain investor and researcher since 2017
  • Advisor of multiple blockchain projects
Michael Arbach


  • Studied Applied Math & Computer Science
  • Blockchain Architect @ KodakOne
  • Founder of WeGo, first ride sharing DApp
  • Blockchain coder and investor since 2014
Dr. Sanjeev Verma, PhD

Chief Scientist

  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Advisor & Enginering Leadership @ UC Berkeley
  • Principal Security Architect @ AMD & Samsung
  • 13 patents; 20+ years in cybersecurity, mobile, IoT
Richard Fushimi

Chief Blockchain Architect

  • Financial & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science ASP Fellow @ MIT
  • Former COO/President @ SEGA Games
  • Former CEO of Rocket Internet
Binh Thai


  • Founder of Python Capital
  • Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits
  • Early investor in Ethereum
  • Blockchain investor and trader since 2015
Ramon Qiu

Head of Product

  • Management Science Engineering @ Stanford
  • Crowdfunded $37M+ in 2 weeks from 200k donors (aquired by GoFundMe)
  • Sharing economy expert: Founded sharing companies with $5M+ homes under management and 20,000+ car rentals
  • Crypto, stocks, and derivatives trader since 2011
Rachel Huo

Head of Operations

  • MS in Education Technology
  • Co-Founder of a social media app startup that completed $3M Series A
  • Investor @ Infinity VC
Leo Rong

Principal Engineer

  • Computer Science @ Stanford University
  • Former lead engineer at Splunk’s IoT Labs (NASDAQ:SPLK)
  • Former lead Engineer of a sharing economy D-App
Gene Oetomo

Lead Mobile Engineer

  • Computer Science @ Stanford University
  • 2nd iOS developer for Wish; grew app to 4M DAU (DHVC)
Lorna Qin

Lead UX/UI Engineer

  • Fine Arts & Computer Science @ U. of Waterloo
  • Product Design Lead at Wish
  • Former UI Engineer @ IBM

Meet The Advisors

Professor Chad Pieper, PhD

  • Professor @ Drexel & U. of Maryland, University College
  • PhD in Computer Science @ U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • DoD consultant and expert in cybersecurity, blockchain, and cryptocurrency
Fred Leung

  • CEO, AnApp Blockchain Technologies
  • MSEE Computer Engineering @ USC
  • 30+ years in consumer electronics, semiconductors, and IoT industries
  • 10 patents and 2x IPO experience
  • Founder, USB OHCI & IEEE1394A standard committees
Tugrul Firatli, PhD

  • PhD in Computer Science @ Chalmers U
  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  • Co-Founder, TIBCO (NASDAQ:TIBX)
Rex Wong

  • Co-Founder, iVideoSmart (500M users)
  • 7 startups, 5 exits
  • Creator of Google AdSense (Applied Semantics Founding Investor)
Alex Rusnak

  • MBA @ Haas, UC Berkeley
  • MSc in Computer Science @ NTU Ukraine
  • Technical advisor of many blockchain projects
  • Background in private equity, venture capital, and early stage blockchain investing
  • Early investor in Bitcoin and Ripple
Douglas Park, JD, PhD

  • Public Speaker & Corporate Securities Attorney
  • PhD in Business @ Stanford University
  • JD @ U. of Michigan Law School
  • AB @ Harvard University

Our History and Roadmap


Origin as a Hardware & RFID Device Manufacturer

We started as a hardware device manufacturing company that designed and produced industrial access control system parts and RFID smart cards.


Origin as a Zigbee™ IoT Solutions Provider

We expanded our product line to manufacture and provide Zigbee-certified devices and solutions for smart homes, the complete and interoperable IoT solution, from open mesh network to the universal language that allows many smart objects to work together.


RFID Solutions Product Line Expansion

We expanded our product line to manufacture RFID solutions including prelaminated smart chips and smart cards, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and High Frequency (HF) RFID inlay products, and OEM RFID labels and smart cards production equipment.


Origin as a Cold Chain Logistics Solutions Provider for Food & Bio-Pharamaceutical Products

Cold chain logistics is the management of the flow of products from origin to destination in a temperature-controlled supply chain involving an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, distribution, and storage activities.


Origin as a NFC/QR/Barcode IoT Solutions Provider

We expanded our product line to include NFC, QR code, and barcode solutions. Combining the use of RFID tags, consumers can enjoy a "smart" retail experience while business owners can automate inventory tracking or customer service.


Origin as an IoT Healthcare Device Manufacturer

We expanded our product line to include the manufacturing of smart medical devices that pass some of the most stringent global medical device and healthcare safety certification standards.

2018 Q1

Origin as an IoT Blockchain Solutions Provider

We began assembling a highly talented team of blockchain architects and engineers from around the world to develop solutions that enable blockchain-based digital economy and decentralized IoT governance.

2018 Q2

Universal IoT Blockchain Database

Development of a globally accessible, public blockchain to catalogue the identity, health, safety, integrity, and third party certification status of IoT devices begins.

  • Prototype launched on Ethereum Test Net with SmartKeyTM smart contracts for permissioned user access
  • Open source API library launched
  • Partnership with RFID and Card Technology defined
2018 Q3

Continued Research and Development

  • Search engine added
  • QR, barcode, serial number integration
  • VR database explorer added
  • Partnership with IOTW
  • Partnership with Verif-y
2018 Q4

Whitepaper & MVP Released; Private Presale Begins

  • New website launch
  • Web app and smartphone app MVP
  • Whitepaper released
  • Private Presale begins
  • Partnership with Newdo Venture
2019 Q1

Technical whitepaper release, pilot with enterprise partners, release first D-App Beta.

2019 Q2+

Sidechain testnet and mainnet launch, more ecosystem partnerships, more D-Apps built with the IoTBlock Platform.

Our Partners and Investors

Here are some of our early stage strategic partners and investors.

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