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Real-time visibility across all transportation modes and geographies

Access trusted data from all virtually all your supply chain processes and modes of transportation anywhere, anytime.

Parcel Courier

Connect to leading global parcel service providers.


Connect to truckload and dryage service providers.


Connect to global drone delivery service providers.

Rail & Intermodal

Connect to rail and intermodal service providers.


Connect to ocean freight shipping service providers.

Inventory Tracking

Connect to inventory tracking systems (e.g. RFID, BLE, SKU).

On-demand data you can trust

High quality, trusted data obtained and secured using the latest advancements in big data, computing, and blockchain technologies.

1. Acquire

Data is captured from API or IoT and ELD/telematic systems.

2. Transform

Data is translated, enriched, and packaged in real-time.

3. Access

Access data and insights via API or on on-premise, cloud or blockchain apps.

Build the future of supply chain services

Shipments and delivery

Help consumers and businesses manage and track their shipments.


Help businesses plan, execute, and optimize their transportation needs.


Help businesses plan and optimize their inventory management.


Help businesses free up working capital and speed up settlement cycles.

Insurance and warranty

Help businesses have peace of mind on delayed or loss shipments.

Blockchain applications

Get businesses and consortiums to work together to make trade more collaborative, efficient, and secure.

Privacy and security

Our commitment to you

We believe every business has a fundamental right to access the best supply chain technologies that enables them to build a profitable and more environmentally sustainable business.