Trademark Guidelines

IoTBlock has a reputation for providing high-quality products and services. IoTBlock Marks are therefore some of our most valuable assets, and can only be used pursuant to (a) the Terms of Use posted at, as may be updated by IoTBlock from time to time (“Terms of Use”), (b) written permission from IoTBlock, and (c) these Trademark Guidelines. Unless otherwise indicated, capitalized terms have the meaning stated in the IoTBlock Terms of Use.

  1. IoTBlock Marks Must Always be Used as Adjectives. IoTBlock Marks can only be used as adjectives followed by a generic term. They can never be used as nouns or verbs. For example:
    1. Correct: IOTBLOCK® application development software is popular.
    2. Incorrect: IoTBlock is popular.
  2. Do Not Use IoTBlock Marks in the Possessive Form. The IoTBlock Marks cannot be possessive, unless the trademark itself is in possessive form. For example:
    1. Correct: We are increasing the advertising budget for IOTBLOCK® products.
    2. Incorrect: We are increasing IoTBlock's advertising budget.
  3. Do Not Use IoTBlock Marks in the Plural Form. The IoTBlock Marks cannot be used in the plural form unless the trademark itself is in plural form. For example:
    1. Correct: Customers enjoy IOTBLOCK® products.
    2. Incorrect: Customers enjoy IoTBlocks.
  4. IoTBlock Marks Must be Prominent. IoTBlock Marks should be separate from surrounding text to emphasize their brand name significance. Options include:
    1. Presenting the trademark in all capital letters (for example, IOTBLOCK®).
    2. Capitalizing the first letter, "T", and "B" letters of the trademark (for example, IoTBlock).
    3. Presenting the trademark in bold, underlining, or italics (for example, IoTBlock).
  5. Do Not Alter IoTBlock Marks. IoTBlock Marks must be used consistently and exactly as they are shown here. Do not:
    1. Abbreviate the IoTBlock Marks;
    2. change the colors or typeface of the IoTBlock Marks;
    3. remove, distort, or add words or design elements to the IoTBlock Marks; or
    4. hyphenate the IoTBlock Marks unless the IoTBlock Mark itself is hyphenated.
  6. Use Proper Trademark Notice Symbols.
    1. Proper trademark notice symbols should be used with IoTBlock Marks. In the US the proper symbol to use depends on whether the trademark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the specific products or services for which the mark is used.
    2. Use the ® symbol with registered IoTBlock Marks but only if the IoTBlock Mark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and the ™ symbol for unregistered marks.
    3. The appropriate symbol should appear immediately following the IoTBlock Mark, and should appear in superscript.
    4. The proper trademark symbols for trademarks used and registered in countries outside of the US are governed by the laws of those countries. Do not use the registered trademark symbol ® in countries where the particular IoTBlock Mark has not been registered.
  7. Never Combine IoTBlock Marks with Your Trademark/Product. Trademarks are meant to identify the source of a product, and combination with third party product names may cause a likelihood of confusion.
    1. Do not state or imply that your product is produced or authorized by IoTBlock.
    2. Do not use IoTBlock Marks as part of your product name: "Amy’s IoTBlock Cloud Platform."
  8. Do Not Use IoTBlock’s Marks in an Inappropriate Manner. You may not use IoTBlock Marks in connection with adult content, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, in violation of law, or in any way unauthorized by IoTBlock. You may not use IoTBlock Marks in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, infringing, libelous, obscene or otherwise objectionable to IoTBlock.
  9. Do Not Use or Register IoTBlock Marks in Domain Names, Social Media Names or Profiles.
  10. Do Not Display IoTBlock Marks as the most Prominent Feature of a Website.
  11. Unless Otherwise Authorized, Do Not Use a IoTBlock Marks Logo without IoTBlock’s Express Written Permission.
  12. Do Not Copy IoTBlock’s Trade Dress.

These Guidelines were last updated on May 30, 2019.